About Us

eFeePayment is a state-of-the-art fee payment service. eFeePayment provides three supporting pillars.
1. Convenience
2. Time saving
3. Easy and secure payment

eFeePayment for Play school, Kinder garten to +2 schools, colleges, Coaching classes, Vocational training institutes.

Who we are?
eFeePayment is a joint venture of Mitiz Technologies Private Limited and Golcon. We at eFeePayment are team of entrepreneurs, digital marketers and educationists who want to trend state-of-the-art financial transactions, fee payment process in education.

What do we offer?
We consider eFeePayment as a service that provides convenience, time saving comfort, easy and secure payment to fee payers who are interested in payment through credit card, debit card and net banking to associated education institutions. eFeePayment empowers fee payers to associate institutions for e-payment/pay online, buy admission forms.

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